“The art-based training brings artists and arts organisations into the business to motivate, inspire, challenge and unlock the potential of our staff, on both a professional and personal level. Artists and arts organisations come into the workplace to tackle specific business issues, from creative thinking to leadership styles and writing skills.” - Keith Weed

The arts inspires creativity, gives hope, empowers individuals, brings new perspectives on processes, and offers unconventional results that stimulate innovation, the development of new industries, creating jobs, products and services, economic well-being and quality of life.

The art is at the core of hundreds of billions of Pounds worth of creative economy globally. It is a tool to build:

  • a sustainable and peaceful world; a therapy for children to overcome their traumas caused by armed conflicts;
  • a communication means among groups with disputes;a powerful messenger for many social enterprises that voice those tough issues; 
  • a source for business innovation and organizational development. 

MBM Training and Development Center`s ART DEVELOPMENT LAB applies the methods of the arts-based training as employee or staff development training (such as team building, communication and conflict management skills), delivered using the arts (music, visual art, drama etc.)

Nowadays, those methods are used in many sectors in business from solicitors and law firms, to local councils and community-based organisations all over the UK.

In our Art Development Lab, we follow the Arts-in-Business approaches to art of Lotte Darsø, developed in the  "Artful Creation: Learning-Tales of Arts-in-Business":

  • the Arts applied as an instrument for team-building, communication training, leadership development, problem-solving and innovation; and
  • the Arts integrated as a strategic process of organisational transformation.

The altered nature of enterprise have 

"four elements" of new business thinking:

"See yourself as an artist."

"See your work as a work of art."

"See your customers as an audience."

"See your competition as teachers."
The Art of Business:

Make All Your Work a Work of Art

Tom Peters