CareerStartNow is an MBM T&D Center program for infusing career relevance into the continuous learning training activities for teachers and the core curriculums in colleges and schools (math, science, language arts, and social studies).

Career-linked teacher trainings and lessons for students in the last stage of their formal training illustrate course content with applications to future careers, including those in the industries represented in the labor markets in which the schools reside.

Students in classrooms operating with CareerStartNow principles regularly get answers to those often-asked questions:

“Who really uses this information in the real world?” and

“When will I ever really use this information when I leave school?” 

Our CareerStartNow Program provides an opportunity for teachers to learn how to support students to explore career possibilities and identities at the very time they are developing and testing their identity through peer, extracurricular, and behavioral choices.

On the other hand, the students are exploring business or office management activities, development of business plans, or finance and marketing careers.