Local Activities within the Campo dei Miracoli / Garden of Miracles Project

Funded by Erasmus Plus Program of the EC                       

Our community outreach project activities are conducted as volunteer-led events, involving local community members in smaller or larger group events using nature therapy, art therapy, sports and relaxation therapy as tools to boost personal development and foster the social and econiminc inclusion of children, youth and adults with a wide range of disabilities or those who are temporary challenged on their emotional and mental health.

Community Outreach Activities, delivered in Historical Gardens in Liverpool

  • Sunday Meetings at Sefton Park  in Liverpool – involving families of children and youth with disabilities or subjected to stress or other challenges.
  • Monthly meetings in St James Gardens with youth, struggling with depression.
  • Bimonthly interactive sessions in Stanley Park  using various tools of the Theatre of the Empowered method.

Outdoor Activities for Inclusion of Youth Struggling with Depression

  • Organized by the Children and Youth Deparment of the MBM TDC
  • Delivered togehter with volunteers from the Youth on the Move NGO
  • Small groups` sessions in nature therapy and art therapy
  • Large group art therapy events for inclusion and sensibilization of the community to the problems of people with disabilities.

Theatre of the Empowered

  • •Delivered by the Applied Drama Department, in cooperation with the Disability Management Center in the MBM TDC.
  • •Based on the Theatre of the Oppressed methods of Brazilian director Augusto Boal and the Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paolo Freire.
  • •An inclusive participatory method that practices a bottom-up approach to solve community issues.

Other Local Project Activities Include

Project Launch Event.

Family Support Green Pathway

Joint Staff Training Event in Liverpool

Busy Bees`Island - MOOC on Hortcultural Therapy for People with Disabilities