MBM TDC Addressing the Global Agendas on Young People, Rights and Participation

MBM TDC`s “Children and Youth” Department is committed to:

  • Fostering participatory development: community outreach and participatory projects with children; young people and their families; youth politics and activism.
  • Promoting human rights with focus on youth and child rights, fostering critiques and mobilization for rights protection and prevention of CYR violations.
  • Mobilizing a greater social commitment and targeted political initiatives to combat child and youth poverty and its consequences, to reduce youth unemployment, improve access to quality education and training, and provide stronger support the to the young NEETs.

  • Equality, Respect and Empowerment

  • ​MBM Training & Development Center subscribes to equal treatment of all children and young people, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, (dis)ability and social or cultural background. 
  • We discourage any kind of patronizing and tokenist approaches to child and youth participation, making sure that all children are treated with dignity and respect
  • We work to empower children and young people with knowledge and skills to chose their future development and build the necessary qualifications for integration in social, cultural and economic life of our societies. 

In addition, the departments of MBM Training & Development Center offer a wide range of services for children and young people.

MBM TDC offers a flexible learning environment for those, who need to adjust their educational schedules in order to accommodate further learning activities, outside of the formal learning curricular. In addition, we offer Integration programs trough sports, where young people from different cultural backgrounds meet and play together, not only benefiting from a pleasant physical activity but also getting to know each other and fostering the intercultural dialogue via the valuable interpersonal communication that sports offer. The unique emotional learning that our ART Development Lab offers provides a very special platform for participation of anyone who is eager to learn via Applied Drama and Participatory Theatre. Children and young people are among the most active and dedicated participants of our ART Lab classes, contributing with creative energy and curiosity, this way learning by doing and further developing social and emotional skills. 

We are still facing significant gaps between formal and non-formal education in Europe. Those gaps might vary from country to country and from region to region within the countries, but their impact still producess educational disparancies. MBM TDC mobilizes the resources of both educators and young learners to bridge the gaps and provide a flexible learner-center approach, ensuring a quality education for all.

​Training and upgrading the knowledge and skills of the child and youth educators is an investment in children, seeking to ensure a best quality education to all of them - in all educational facilities across the country and in Europe.

Professional training for young people in the VET institutions, providing work placements;

Recognizing the needs for adequate inclusive programs on migrant and refugee integration, we invest our professional efforts in provision of bespoken integration learning programs for migrant and refugee children and youth, who are often invited to join their parents`integration courses and learning activities, this way merging the classical professional learning formats with intercultural activities that foster inclusion and intercultural communication. 

Throughout the world, experiences of childhood and youth are extremely diverse, both between places and between children in particular places, from the international level through to the different treatment of a boy and a girl within the same household.

We feel that it`s our responsibility to address issues such as education, child labor, street children, child soldiers, refugees, child slaves, the impact of environmental change and hazards on children
and youth.

We believe in the capacity children and young people, with their enthusiasm and energy, to bring a change, for a better Tomorrow.