January  17th 2020

DICE - Developing Innovation and Creativity in Education -  is an international project, aiming at fostering innovation and creativity in education.

This project seeks to boost a pioneering initiative that supports the European learning community to make progress in the field of innovation and creativity through effective, authentic, practical, sustainable actions.

This project is co-financed by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme.

MBM TDC`s "DICE" project results dissemination event will bring together actors from across formal and non-formal educational institutions, adult training centers, youth organisations and and business to discuss the opportunities to boost the development of creativity and innovation in education. 

"DICE" project results dissemination event will take place in at the Liverpool City Library on 28th of February 2020.

MBM Training&Development Center, Liverpool will present the innovative perspective of the project and give all participants the opportunity to learn from their peers. Representatives of schools, adult training centers, youth organizations and academia will share their perspective on the creative learning and invite the audience to share their views and experience.

The registration is open till 20th of February 2020. 

Draft Programme 

  • 09.00  Welcome  
  • 09.05 Opening Address - Bo Daskalova, MBM TDC Project Coordinator for the DICE Project
  • 09.15 About Strategic Partnerships and Erasmus+ Program of the EU - Sarah Redmond, MBM TDC EU Programs
  • 09.45 Overview of DICE Project: Results and Impact - Bo Maria Daskalova, MBM TD Center, Liverpool
  • 10.15 Tea Break
  • 10.45 Bridging Formal and Non-formal Education for Creative Learning: Good Practices from DICE Project - facilitated by Bo Maria Daskalova
  • 11.15 Networking workshop on Developing Creativity and Innovation in Education - facilitated by James Collins
  • 12.30  - 13.00 Light lunch​​

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