The Creative Platform was developed at Aalborg University through a series of research-and-development activities in collaboration with educational institutions and training center. ​The underlying ambition of the Creative Platform is to make it easier to promote creativity.

​Training aims:

- To introduce the Creative Platform as an approach for teaching creativity and running creative processes. 
- To present opportunities to use the Creative Platform as the idea of an ideal mental workplace for interdisciplinary, inter-social and intercultural groups. 
- To train the trainers to use the Creative Platform as a learning environment, where teachers/trainers and learners can apply their knowledge unlimitedly to create new knowledge constructions or new perspectives on their thinking.


Based on feedback from the group of learners:
- The Creative Platform takes time and additional training of teachers – lack of trained human resources and time could be an issue when implementing it.
- More practical creative tools that could be used with the available resources are more than welcome.
-  Participants liked the idea that the Creative Platform could be used both for innovation, organisational development, personal development and any kind of learning process - basically any task where groups of learners should be creatively learning and co-creating together.

Useful Links:

-  At www.uka.aau.dk/The+Creative+Platform, you can find extra materials and instructions you can use in your work with the Creative Platform.

​- PPT Presentation on Creative Platform - https://www.slideshare.net/nextlibrary/christian-byrge

​- More information on Creative Platform in Bulgarian, Danish, English, Spanish and Portuguese: http://www.diceproject.eu/modules/creative-platform


​​​Date: January 28th 2018

  • MBM Training&Development Center, Liverpool


- 12 youth workers and trainers in adult education sectors;

teachers for formal education institutions.

DICE - Developing Innovation and Creativity in Education

Funded by Erasmus Plus Program of the EC                       

KA2 Strategic Partnerships for adult learning

Development of innovation

Project registration N: 2017-1-ES01-KA201-038193