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Project registration N: 2017-1-ES01-KA201-038193


LEGO BuildToExpress is designed to enable students to communicate and express themselves effectively. The bricks encourage introspection and reflection and give an equal voice to all students that participate in the process. LEGO enhance students’ creative and critical thinking abilities while also improve speaking, listening and 21st century learning skills.

The training presented the opportunities for education that the creative tools "LEGO Build to Express" and "LEGO Serious Play" can offer to teachers, trainers and youth workers. 

​Training aims:

- To introduce "LEGO Build to Express" and "LEGO Serious Play" as creative tools for formal and nonformal education with learners of all ages. 
- To present the tools as fun and happy way to play and learn, following the learning by doing principle of non-formal education.

- To present the "LEGO BuildToExpress Extension Activity Pack" that provides hands-on activities that meet curriculum expectations in character education, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. This material also includes teacher notes, assessment rubrics, lesson planning tools, and worksheets. 

- To train the trainers to use the "LEGO Build to Express" and "LEGO Serious Play" in unlimited types of learning environments, actively involving the learners in the creative learning process, offering the building tools as medius for creative expression.


-All participants shared their satisfaction from the learning experience with "LEGO Build to Express" and "LEGO Serious Play" .
- "LEGO Build to Express" and "LEGO Serious Play" were seen as great means to get learners` imaginations working, as building can be easy, but trainers shared that explaining the reasons behind each build can be challenging and very educational as an experience 
-  Participants liked that they can use both tools in all kinds of learning settings and can adopt the activities to the specific learning needs of their groups, boosting their creativity and innovative thinking. 

Useful links:

​- The tools "LEGO Build to Express" and "LEGO Serious Play" -  materials in Bulgarian, Danish, English, Portuguese and Spanish - http://www.diceproject.eu/modules/lego-build-to-express 

​- Buckley, C. (2015). ‘Conceptualising plagiarism: using Lego to construct student’s understanding of authorship and Citation’, Teaching in Higher Education, 20:3, 352-358.

- Gauntlett, D. (2011) Making is Connecting: the social meaning of creativity, from DIY and knitting to YouTube and Web 2.0. Cambridge: Polity Press.

- James, A. (2013). ‘Serious Play: a three-dimensional approach to learning development’, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education.

​Title: Using Lego "Build to Express" with Learners of All Ages

Date: February 11th 2018
Host: MBM Training&Development Center, Liverpool

Participants:  14 teachers, trainers in adult education sectors; teachers for formal education institutions.