Our services and professional activities are aligned with the identified client needs, governing legislative framework and strategic agenda on disability services by:

1. Providing high quality service and awareness on disability matters.

  • Keeping abreast of current developments and issues in the disability terrain through research.
  • Facilitation of a shared understanding of the broader context within which disability mainstreaming takes place.

2. Disability Consulting

  • General Disability Advisory and Consultancy Services.
  • Disability policies and procedures development.
  • Sourcing, modification and supply of assistive devices and adjusted equipment for people with disabilities.

3. Disability Audits

  • Accessibility Assessments
  • Any other relevant Policy and processes audits for disability responsiveness

4. Training and Development

  • Disability Mainstreaming and Workplace Disability Management
  • Workplace HIV/Aids Management

5. Recruitment & Workplace Disability Management

  • Specialized Workforce Recruitment and Workplace Support Services
  • Employment Equity Plans (including reasonable accommodation)
  • Skills Development Plans with specific reference to people with disabilities

Disability Management Center (DMC) at the MBM Training and Development Center administers the workers' compensation program and facilitates return-to-work initiatives and reasonable accommodation for employees who have, or who may develop health problems (work-related or non work-related) affecting employment.

Disability Management Center`s efforts are dedicated to reducing the human and fiscal cost of workplace disability.

This is accomplished by:

  • Providing education and early intervention services to prevent or minimize the effects of disability in the workplace;
  • Facilitating early identification, referral, and treatment for disability and/or injuries at work;
  • Assisting employees with disabilities in overcoming disability-related restrictions or limitations;
  • Implementing disability rights policy and/or contract provisions regarding return to work, reasonable accommodation, and medical separation;
  • Consulting with management, Human Resources, and other relevent staff regarding workplace disability issues.

The EU and UK domestic laws prohibit discrimination against employees or potential employees with disabilities in terms and conditions of employment.

The MBM TDC provides consultancy on developing company and organizational strategies for equal opportunity in employing qualified individuals with disabilities and reasonable accommodations in order to hire employees or retain individuals with disabilities. Applicants and disabled employees must be able to perform the essential functions of a job. Essential functions are duties and responsibilities which comprise the critical elements of a position. Reasonable accommodations can include provisions for assistive devices, altered work hours, or use of an interpreter.

MBM also works with job seekers with temporary or permanent disability, injury or health condition who require the assistance of a Disability Employment Service Provider, and who may require flexible ongoing support but are not expected to need regular, long-term support in the workplace.

We tackle disability by focusing on the Ability.

DMC at the MBM TDC administers the workers' compensation program and facilitates return-to-work initiatives and reasonable accommodation.


The Disability Management Programs of the DMC at the MBM Training and Development Center are focused on absences from work as a result of illness, injury or disability, and on preventing the risks that cause these absences.

It is a deliberate and coordinated effort by employers to reduce the occurrence and effect of illness and injury on workforce productivity, and to promote employee attachment by prevention, support for recovery and reasonable accommodation.