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EUROOTFOOD - REVIVAL OF TRADITIONAL FOOD IN EUROPE project is conducted by the project coordinator Uşak Aşçılar ve Lokantacılar Odası.

The local partnerships of the project are Türkiye Lokantacılar ve Pastacılar Federasyonu, Uşak Municipality and Uşak Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi.

Training 2000 - Italy, Eurotracks - France and MBM TD Center - UK are the international partners in the project.

The goal of the project EUROFOOD is "to create new gastronomic destinations in the European Union through revitalization of traditional foods that sink into oblivion in refreshments sector". This goal will have contributed to the overall objective "the development of alternative tourism diversity to ensure the development of rural areas".

EUROOTFOOD project will achieve the goal "to create new gastronomic destinations in the European Union through revitalization of traditional foods that sink into oblivion in refreshments sector", with three outputs of the project obtained as results of the activities carried out.

This results:
 A- Increasing the level of knowledge and enhancing skills of cooks and restaurateur about traditional food and gastronomy tourism.

  •  B- Revitalization of traditional food those sunk into oblivion. 
  •  C- Raising awareness regarding the importance of traditional food and gastronomy tourism

A series of activities are planned in order to obtain the results mentioned above. 

  • A1-Preparation of "gastronomic tourism online training module" for chefs/cooks and restaurateurs 
  • A2- Teaching gastronomic tourism training course for chefs/cooks and restaurateurs 
  • A3-Finding out the master chefs of traditional local food that sink into oblivion and providing them to teach courses to chefs/cooks and restaurateurs
  • B1- Making an inventory and reports on local food 
  • B2- Building EUROOTFOOD project website in the languages of the partner countries
  • B3- Collecting recipes,  recording videos about the processing steps of traditional food, that sink into oblivion 
  • B4- Writing and publishing book named “EUROOTFOOD Traditional Food” 
  • C1- Conducting a conference about “ Importance of Traditional Food in terms of Gastronomic Tourism and Health” 
  • C2-Establishing museum of traditional food utensils
  • C3-Organizing traditional food festival 

With EUROOTFOOD project, the cookery and refreshments sector is expected to keep pace with investment and development about tourism in Europe, and to enable local traditional food to be tasted with a presentation both domestic and foreign tourists will be satisfied. Finally they are also expected to catch a service quality and manner, which will provide tourists to come to the region for culinary tourism. The quality and understanding will make a significant contribution to both cultural and gastronomic tourism destination of the region to become. 

Due to the fact that it aims to increase the quality of tourism services on local basis, this project will bring with it the results that contribute to cultural, social and economic development of the region.

EUROOTFOOD project, which will be carried out by an international study, will provide to achieve progress towards development of gastronomic tourism and revitalization of traditional foods, at European level with successful facilities and effective dissemination activities. 

International Strategic Partnership 


​Project Reference: 2016-1-TR01-KA202-034444
Funded by Erasmus Plus Program of the EC