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Industry 4.0, or the industrial internet of things (IIoT), refers to industrial manufacturing processes where all equipment, devices and computers are connected. This creates an environment rich for big data analysis and self-correcting procedures, among many other possibilities.

With Industry 4.0 comes the rupture of our existing production mode: instead of having a vertical integration, with ERP systems (enterprise resource planning) helpful for long term scheduling, MESs (manufacturing execution systems) keeping track of things a little closer to the production and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) interacting directly with production; we foresee a horizontal integration: every unit is connected to the network, so it can interact directly with every other unit. It’s the concept of the Internet of Things: intelligent machines, the warehouse management system, the production system and the manufactured product all connected together on the same network.

 A modern factory with all the steps automated and interrelated, with operators on their tablets tracking on going production, that’s where we’ll be in a few years. But what can you do to help get there today? Here are a few suggestions:
Familiarize yourself with the technologies available today. The more you fall behind, the greater the gap will be when you decide to get on board with technology.
Stay aware of the global strategies of Industry 4.0, in your own country and abroad.
Think of Industry 4.0 when you acquire new equipment; a sensor with an Ethernet connection will eventually be useful to connect to the rest of the factory.

Follow Industry 4.0 Project

The project aim is to contribute to the development of entrepreneurial, industrial and digital skills in Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Follow Industri 4.0 seeks to enhance digital integration in VET.

To achieve the above, the project consortium will involve at least 750 participants from Turkey, Greece, Romania, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Ireland and the UK from the following target groups: 

  •  Digital entrepreneurs
  •  VET learners and trainers
  • VET providers
  • NGOs
  • Decision-makers in the digital sector
  • Authorities and policy-makers
  • Teacher training institutes and providers.

Management, monitoring and evaluation activities, as well as a wide range of dissemination and exploitation efforts and events will accompany the development process of the project training curriculum and the e-repository.

The project is  merging IT teachers' expertise, digital entrepreneurs' , industrialists' and ICT professionals in order to achieve an innovative, open, easily-recognizable, learner-centered, cross-curricula VET solution. 

​Find out more at: www.followindustry40.com and at facebook at @followindustry40.