"I`m happy I had the chance to attend the workshop for youth activists of MBM Training and Development Center. A friend, who volunteers at the MBM`s Child&Youth Initiative invited me as she knows I`m really involved in youth political activism and care about human rights. She showed me the poster and the brochure and we both googled the NoHateSpeech Youth Movement. It looked interesting to me but - honestly - I didnt know what to expect from the workshop "Youth Action for Hate Speech Prevention".

It turned out to be a great experience that I would never regret. I was happy to find out that this is not just a one-time event, but a part of a long-term project, New Chapter, which is also a part of a larger pan-European youth movement. It`s also about networking among young people, both in the UK and internationally. 

To me it was a great opportunity to debate with my peers and older experts and human rights professionals; to meet experienced youth workers and NoHateSpeech campaigners.  

I really hope we stay in touch and keep working on that together.  I feel that we can change things for good."

Sarah Redmond
Participant in the local Workshop for Youth Activists

Liverpool, May 29th 2018


"When my friend Tayab who is also a volunteer in MBM Training and Development Center as myself, told me about the NEw CHapter , all I could think about was how to prepare for the journey and the training itself.  As a new volunteer in MBM Training and Development Center I had participated in local activities but it would be my first time to represent the organization abroad. Little did I know what to expect.
Getting to know everyone on the first night was an unforgettable experience. Everyone got along effortlessly and before I knew it we were all siting down, sharing opinions and perspectives. I learned more about what Hate Speech itself and what it actually is and what everyone else from the other organizations was doing to battle against it. We did this through practical learning and non formal education activities which created effectiveness as it encouraged everyone to step outside their comfort zones and share more experiences, methods and tools.
I always wanted to travel the world to learn about different cultures but at this project it felt as if the world had travelled to me. I learned more than I imagined I could, this helped me explore me limits as a human and as a fighter against hate. I learned many lessons that I took away from this event and the most valuable of which was that; together change is possible!
A dozen new friends, a hundred new perspectives and a thousand new experiences. I can safely say that the journey was worth it."

Mohsen Salim
Volunteer at MBM Training and Development Center

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