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NEw CHapter - 
NEtwork of Cooperation against Hate

Funded by Erasmus Plus Program of the EC                        KA2 Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training; development of innovation

Project registration N: 2017-1-EL01-KA202-035558

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  • the web page of the project at https://newchapteragainsthate.wordpress.com/
  • the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NewChapter
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​Basic facts about the project

Duration: 01.10. 2017 - 31.12. 2018


  • YouthNet Hellas, Greece


  • MBM Training & Development Center, the UK
  • Centro Sviluppo Creativo "Danilo Dolci", Italy
  • Youth Social Rights Network, Denmark
  • 10th Primary School of Sykies, Greece
  • GENIKO LYKEIO GOUVON, Heraclion, Greece
  • ​Koinofelis Epicheirisi Ipiresion Dimou Neapolis-Sykeon (K.E.Y.N.S), Greece

“NEw CHapter: Network of Cooperation against Hate” is a 15-month and 4-country (Greece, Italy, Denmark and UK) project that aims to provide space and support for cross sectoral cooperation of organizations and institutions that work with young people in
formal/non formal education on combating hate speech and promote human rights education (HRE).

More specifically, NEw CHapter brought together local and national youth NGOs, an international youth network, two schools, a counseling body and a municipality in order to strengthen their capacities in international cooperation and develop young people`s competences on identifying and combating the different forms of hate speech and discrimination and promote the human rights education.

NEw Chapter’s objectives are:
•to encourage and strengthen transnational cooperation among the participating organizations and support their staff’s capacity building on how to tackle hate speech, bullying and discrimination through joint training with the use of non formal and formal education methodologies;
•to explore and share experiences, tools and methods among the partners in order for both direct participants and institutions to get new insights and knowledge on HRE, and gain social, intercultural,critical thinking competences for a more inclusive education,
training and youth field;
•to create a cross sectoral sustainable network of inclusion ambassadors that will spread the ideas of “No Hate Speech Movement” on organizational and community levels through local and online activities to reach a wider audience supporting the promotion of inclusive and peaceful societies;
•to generate synergies and partnerships between the participating organizations and support the exchange of effective methods, opportunities and challenges in local and European youth work in reaching out to marginalized young people and in preventing
racism and intolerance among local youth.

Participants are young people from each partner organization, working with youth from different sectors such as youth workers and leaders, NGO activists, teachers, educators, municipal staff and policy makers.

NEw CHapter implemented 2 transnational meetings and a staff joint training course, nvolving 28 participants from all partner countries. In addition, local activities on hate speech prevention were implemented in each partner country. Due to the complicated nature of the issues that the project deals with, we applied a wide range of youth-friendly nonformal learning methods: participatory learningl networking, best practiceexchange, creative and critical thinking and human rights education.

The project’s intangible results such are: participants’ increased knowledge, capacities and skills development on the themes of the project, creation of cross-sectoral network of inclusion multipliers, bridging of public-private sector with the creation of partnerships between stakeholders of youth work, education and local authorities. The tangible results of NEw CHapter are a Handbook of cross-sectoral good practices against hate speech, discrimination, violence among youth and an open-learning platform, which will be accessible from public.

By implementing this project, we expect to have a positive impact in a local and European level by raising awareness, and by bringing together different key stakeholders to share effective mechanisms on how to tackle the rise of hate speech, violence and
discrimination between youngsters and reach out to marginalised young people.