“To ask: What kind of career is best and possible for me is to ask: How should I live my life?” 
                                                                                                                               R. Vance Peavy

MBM TDC`s Career Counselling is based on a holistic approach to career development, including services and activities intended to assist individuals of any age and at any point throughout their lives, to make educational, training and occupational choices and to manage their careers. The activities we offer take place on an individual or group basis; face-to-face or at a distance, via our web-based services.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

career information provision; assessment and self-assessment tools; counselling interviews, career education programs (to help individuals develop their self awareness, opportunity awareness, and career management skills); taster programs (to sample options before choosing them); work search programs; and transition services: getting back to work (after maternity leave or sickness) or re-creating your career at mid-age or after (programs for mature career seekers).

Career Development is the ongoing process of managing our lives, learning and work. It involves developing the skills and knowledge that enable us to plan and make informed decisions about our education, training and career choices. Career Development knowledge, skills, and experience supports our ability to create a meaningful life.

​The Career Development Service at the MBM TD Center looks forward to partnering with you to uncover your passions and relate them to career paths that excite and inspire you. 

​For the Career Counseling units and professionals, we offer resources and courses based on an innovative holistic approach to career development services.







In MBM TDC the Career Counselling combines theories and methodologies from the areas of field of psychology, pedagogy, economy and labor market. 

We are dedicated to continually improving our client services and to assuming leadership in the profession of career development.

Our Career Development Professionals have the skills, knowledge, and experience required to assist you with your career development needs.

Depending on your specific needs, we can arrange for you to be assisted by various types of of direct service providers in the career development field, such as  career practitioners, career educators, career information specialists, career management consultants, work development officers, employment support workers, work experience coordinators, job developers, placement coordinators, career coaches, and vocational rehabilitation workers. 

Our career counselors cooperate with schools, vocational guidance institutions, centres of psychological services, employment offices, assessment centres, in private praxis and other institutions.