Whether you are looking for creative problem solutions, organizational management counsulting, opportunities to start your business, improve revenue or obtain financing, the MBM TD Center has the training seminar that is right for you.

Classes are conveniently offered regularly at our offices across Europe. Training is also available in chosen by you locations. All instruction provided by Certified Business Consultants that have first hand experience with small businesses. The MBM TD Center is proud to offer a wide range of training classes and seminars geared toward charities and small businesses. All MBM Training Seminars are Conducted by Subject Matter Experts and/or Experienced Business Owners.


You can register for an MBM Training Seminar right now from your computer. All registrations must be completed online. Visit the training calendar and select the training seminar you would like to attend. Then just click on the Sign Up Link and follow the steps presented. If a seminar includes a fee, you will be directed to our online payment system.


After working with thousands of business owners each year, we’ve put together four courses that make up the critical business foundation all entrepreneurs need to know before starting a business. The series will take you through determining feasibility and legal structures; developing financial projections; obtaining a loan; and attracting customers.

From how to determine feasibility and legal structures, to the types of licenses you’ll need, this class covers all the essentials to help get you started.

Business planning is the foundation to starting a new venture, raising capital funds or growing your business. Our expert advice simplifies conducting necessary research to make decisions and develop financial projections.

Stuck in “the Web?” Online marketing doesn’t have to be so frustrating. You’ll learn about the four Google resources that can help you attract customers.

You know why your business rocks. Does anyone else? Take this class to uncover the characteristics that make up your business’ DNA.

Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn are all relationship building tools you can use to win the hearts and minds of your customers. This seminar focuses on what you need to know to use social media to promote your business.

Like to go global, but not sure how to get there? Let the MBM TDC be your guide. We will put your business on the right path toward international growth and expansion.

If you have a thriving domestic company, maybe it’s time to consider exporting to take your business to the next level. Companies that export grow faster, are more profitable and are less affected by downturns in the domestic demand for their products and services. This course will provide you with a comprehensive overview on what it takes to go global.

A women, minority, immigrant or disabled people certification could present opportunities for your business, but there is a process to becoming certified. In this class, learn how to complete the certification application and seek business with the private sector and government.