Project Summary:

The aim of the project is to develop teacher skills in adult education that are necessary in working with different groups of adults, and to improve and expand the offer by using innovative approaches. The main objective of the project is to make the Curriculum called „Expert for Coordination of Education and Employment“ by applying the principles of lifelong learning as well as flexible learning methods in different areas of education and training. 

Globalization, huge planetary scale mobility, significant social and economic diversity and the emergence of vulnerable social groups, migrants, asylum seekers and the Roma require efficient response to these and many other questions and challenges. High unemployment, social exclusion, religious and ethnic inequalities and differences, further marginalization of certain social groups remain major social and economic issues in almost all countries regardless of their current level of development and status.

This project is intended for the staff of partner institutions and silent partners: analysis showed that no partner country has a vocation that is the result of this project, which is of great importance due to the need for linking education and the labour market in relation to the secondary target group of asylum seekers, migrants and Roma communities. This has initiated the idea to create an innovative curriculum for educating and training employees of educational institutions to increase their skills in working with migrants, asylum seekers and the Roma, thus also contributing to the inclusion of secondary target groups in the processes of education and employment.


  • Faculty of Educational Sciences from Croatia, Osijek
  • INFOR ELEA, Italy 
  • Slovo 21, Czech Republic
  • MBM T&D Centre , UK 
  • Vilnius "Židinio", Lithuania.

The key activities of the project are:

  • development of a curriculum „Expert for coordination of education and employment“ consisting of 4 modules, with all partners involved in the development of each individual module and at the same time each partner is holder of a particular module;
  • training of teachers on the basis of the designed curriculum, production of teaching materials in compliance with all andragogic standards; research and analysis of project progress and quality;
  • evaluation; visibility and dissemination through announcements in printed and electronic media and organization of the final conference.

The methodology will be based on application of different teaching and learning strategies, andragogic principles and modern methods of interactive communication. Online presentations and training will be applied and used by all partners in the joint creation of an international curriculum, is just one of the innovative elements of the project. Dissemination and visibility will be provided by communicating the key results of project activities (research and analysis, designed curriculum, teaching literature, promotional material) on the project website.

The primary criterion of accomplishment will be the training of 12 participants from partner organizations and 88 participants from silent partner organizations. Ultimately, the project results will bring sustainability and be available to other interested parties through the commercialization and validation of the curriculum in all partner countries and at a later stage in other countries, and the establishment of an EU certificate for this innovative vocation based on the new curriculum. In this way we will achieve the first objective of dissemination and exploitation of project results through its implementation at both national and EU level.

The second objective will also be achieved, contributing to the implementation and creation of national and European policies and systems. Partner organizations will disseminate the project results to adult education institutions, economic operators, target groups and other stakeholders. They will also be support for further project sustainability, such as, national certification of the curriculum, establishment of a European certificate and project continuation in the form of new projects. 

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This project has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. This website reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

"Pacemaking the Education & Employment: answers to new challenges and opportunities"

Project Start Year: 2016
Partner Countries:  Croatia, UK, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: KA 2 - Strategic Partnerships for adult education