​Participation in sport and physical activity has a plethora of associated benefits ranging from improved health to developing elite performers but the extent to which these benefits are realized is dependent upon the process of sport development. In short, sport development is about providing opportunities and pathways for people to take part and fulfill their potential in sport.

The MBM Sport Development Center is a sport development unit of the MBM TDC that uses sport as a means for the holistic development of young people and their communities, by promoting their sustainable participation in sport, as well as providing those with the ability and desire, a platform to excel and progress to higher levels.

Aside from our jobs with corporate and public clients, the MBM SDC works towards the development of sport at the grassroots by developing and implementing Physical Education (PE), multi-sports and competitive sports programs in schools and communities, training coaches and PE teachers as well as managing grassroot sports programs.

Minority Sports

MBM SDC works on increasing the interest in and access to Minority Sport.

Smaller sports need to work together if we are to grow and remain part

of the community. This is an environment for shared learning in

Sport Development.

Minority sports is all about providing these key factors:

  • Showcasing different sports
  • Engaging in youth communities giving the opportunity to seek different sports
  • Helping and supporting community groups set up teams and clubs with a focus on grass root minority sports
  • Providing safe, clean and accessible facilities for all rolling and minority sports
  • Raising funds 

MBM SDC Multi-Activity Program for Schools and Community Centers

MBM SDC provides holistic physical development programs to young children, called the Multi Activity Program, aimed at educating children and young people to become physically literate. The programs are designed for schools, institutions and organisations looking to implement age specific and progressive multi activity and multi-sport curricula as well as the up-skilling and training of their physical education staff.

​Physical Education and After-School sports programs

MBM SDC works with institutions to develop Physical Education and After-School sports programs and provide training to teachers and coaches to allow them to implement, monitor and review these programs effectively and efficiently. Using a wealth of knowledge gained from international coaches, resources, physical education teachers and academics a comprehensive coaching pathway and methodology has been established. The coaching pathway is progressive, containing appropriate theoretical and practical content as well as assessments. 

We offer a wide range of coach training & teacher education courses offered by our Sport Development Center.

To inquire about the institutional framework and training provided by the MBM SDC, please contact us on the details provided at our Contact page.

Sport Development is distinctive due to its unique focus on three main streams of activities: sport management and marketing; sport coaching; and sport and exercise field.

On the other hand, Sport Development focuses on the development of sport, and also on community development through sport.